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Compliance Charter

This Compliance Charter sets forth internal standards that all officers, corporate officers, and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as "officers and employees" or "we") of Nippon Television Network Corporation ("NTV") and its group of companies are required to observe. NTV and its group of companies declare adherence to this charter and requires all officers and employees to read, understand, and comply with the terms, conditions, and standards set forth herein.

The Charter

We remain aware that the airwaves are the collective property of the public, and it is our pride and honor to be involved in radio broadcasting. We will maintain our commitment to public service for the betterment of society and contribute to the enhancement of culture and public welfare.

We, as broadcasters and members of media organizations, shall engage in fair and sound business activities under the tenets of compliance with the law, sensitivity to social norms, and strong ethical conduct.

We aspire to be well-loved by our audience and the public and, as such, will endeavor to provide coverage that is fair, honest, and expedient, programs that touch the heart, and events and products that are attractive and appealing.

Through broadcasts of advertisements that are obtained from fair and legitimate competition, we seek to benefit our audience and the public, as well as contribute to social and economic development.

We will respect basic human rights and recognize each other's dignity and value as human beings.

As members of society, we recognize that we have a role to play in efforts to overcome common problems facing humanity and, accordingly, will contribute to various issues such as global environmental conservation.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1. We abide by the laws and norms.
    (1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We will abide by the laws and norms of society and conduct ourselves with utmost decency. We are fully aware that offending the law and going against socially-accepted norms will directly affect the survival of the company. Each and every employee is responsible for checking, understanding, and abiding by all laws and regulations pertaining to his or her roles and tasks as set forth by the company.
    (2) Compliance with the Broadcasting Act
    As participants in the broadcasting business, we understand, respect, and comply with the Broadcasting Act and take measures towards the healthy development of broadcasting.
    (3) Compliance with Corporate Rules and Regulations
    We will comply with internal corporate rules and regulations, both non-program production related and program production related, such as the "Program Standards" and "Norms for the Broadcast of Material".
    (4) Fair Competition
    We endeavor to act with proper conduct in the marketplace and comply with laws such as the Anti Monopoly Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and Subcontract Small Enterprise Development Act. As well, we comply with internal corporate rules and regulations such, as the Bylaws and Guidelines for Consignment of NTV Program Production, and conduct business in a fair, transparent, and free manner.
  2. 2. We will serve the audience and the public.
    (1) Service to the Audience and the Public
    We will continue our ceaseless effort in the creation of a new broadcasting culture and the innovation of broadcasting technology in the spirit of service to our audience and the public, so that they may know the facts and receive enjoyment and satisfaction through our products.
    (2) Honesty and Integrity
    We will respond with honesty and integrity to our audience's and the public's views and criticisms, and strive to gain their continued trust and satisfaction through sincere communication.
  3. 3. We will respect human rights.
    (1) Prohibition of Discrimination
    We will respect each and every person's individuality and personality, and never discriminate or tolerate anybody else discriminating or harassing another person on the basis of their gender, creed, or physical condition.
    (2) A Safe and Healthy Working Environment
    We will maintain a safe and healthy working environment that is free of unfair discrimination and harassment. We will not make sexual remarks and advances (sexual harassment), or act or remark in a defamatory manner on issues that pertain to another person's human rights, such as their creed.
  4. 4. We will contribute to society.
    (1) Protect the Global Environment
    To ensure that the next generation can inherit a world whose environment is in its best possible condition, we promote energy conservation and the efficient use of resources. Moreover, we strive to advocate global environmental protection through our broadcasts, events, and various other undertakings.
    (2) Communicate with the Local Community
    As corporate citizens who play a role in shaping society, we will actively communicate with our local community and make sure that we do not commit acts that are a nuisance and inconvenience.
    (3) Contribute to Society
    In addition to our contributions to society as a business entity, we will actively support social development through cultural, sporting, and other social contribution activities.
  5. 5. We will maintain a healthy and sound relationship with our business partners.
    (1) Prohibit Unfair Trade
    We will maintain a healthy, sound, honest, and appropriate relationship with business partners, both institutional and individual, who are involved in our coverage, production, broadcasting, advertising, and other undertakings. We will not engage in unfair business practices, illegal donations, and bribery.
    (2) Prohibit Giving Unnecessary and Excessive Gifts and Entertainment
    We will not provide unnecessary and excessive gifts and entertainment to our business partners, both institutional and individual, who are involved in our coverage, production, broadcasting, advertising, and other undertakings.
    (3) Prohibit Accepting Unnecessary and Excessive Gifts and Entertainment
    We will not accept unnecessary and excessive gifts and entertainment from our business partners, both institutional and individual, who are involved in our coverage, production, broadcasting, advertising, and other undertakings.
    (4) Prohibit Inappropriate Relations with Public Officials
    We will not engage in illegal and unfair exchanges of gifts, donations, bribes, and entertainment with public officials, civil servants, and other people of similar or equal standing.
    (5) Prohibit Relations with Anti-Social Groups and Individuals
    We will always confront anti-social groups and individuals with a resolute attitude and never engage in payoffs under any circumstances.
  6. 6. I will engage in fair and honest business activities.
    (1) Disclosure of Corporate Information
    With the exception of confidential and sensitive information (including news sources), we will disclose legitimate information to the public in a timely and appropriate manner and conduct our business activities fairly and transparently.
    (2) Personal Information
    We will collect, handle, and manage personal information properly and appropriately. We will not use or disclose private information to any third party without obtaining prior consent of the person concerned, nor for purposes that are unjust or outside the scope of the original intent.
    (3) Confidential Information
    We will ensure that all company-related information obtained while on duty shall be handled properly, used only for business and not for personal purposes, and not disclosed to any third party without permission from the company. Further, we will not leak confidential company information even after retirement or resignation.
    (4) Intellectual Property
    We will staunchly preserve and respect the intellectual property rights of the company. When using the intellectual property of others, we will be especially careful in ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to legitimately obtain permission and that no infringements are made on their rights.
    (5) Prohibit Insider Trading
    We will not use undisclosed insider information of any company, including ours, that we come across during our professional duties to engage in any form of insider trading, such as the purchase and sale of stock.
    (6) Prohibit Personal Use of Company Resources
    We will not use the company's status, reputation, assets, and resources or our job title and position for our own personal benefit.
    (7) Conflicts of Interest
    Should we encounter a situation where own personal interests conflict with those of the company, we will prioritize the interests of the company.
  7. 7. We will establish and maintain an internal reporting system.

    Any officer or employee who becomes aware of any violation or potential violation of internal company policies and regulations, including those detailed in this Nippon Television Network Corporation Compliance Charter, is encouraged to report the matter immediately. The company supports and encourages the creation and maintenance of an internal reporting system, independent from and unbiased by reporting lines and the corporate hierarchy, that responds to and deals with violation reports promptly and appropriately. Each officer or employee must respond fairly and respectfully to other officers or employees for reports of violations or potential violations that are made in good faith. The company will not tolerate any retaliation or disadvantageous treatment against officers or employees who report violations or potential violations, except when the person is also involved in the violation.