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Group of Companies

Description of Group of Companiesas of July 7, 2018

NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION Terrestrial broadcasting (basic and general broadcasting business based on the Broadcasting Act); Planning, production, and sales of broadcasting programs; Other broadcasting-related businesses.
BS Nippon Corporation Digital BS broadcasting of NTV programs.
CS Nippon Corporation Digital CS broadcasting of NTV programs.
NTV Technical Resources Inc. Technical production related to studios, live broadcasting, master technology, EJ news gathering, editing, post production, etc.
AX-ON Inc. Production related to programming (drama, variety, information, news, etc.), content production, closed captioning, library, etc.
NTV EVENTS Inc. Sporting events, various NTV events, management of NTV School (Talent Center, NTV Announcers College), etc.
Nippon Television Art Inc. Art design, lighting effects, sound effects; Design of sets, flip charts, TV graphics; Production of pamphlets, posters, etc.
Nippon Television Music Corporation Intellectual property management; Management of music publishing rights, CD master rights, merchandising rights, etc.
VAP Inc. Production and sales of CDs and DVDs; Rental of recording studios, etc.
TIPNESS Limited Operation of fitness clubs.
Nippon Television Service Inc. Production and sales of program-related merchandise goods; Program sales; Operation of insurance agencies, etc.
Nippon Television Work 24 Corporation Commercial building maintenance (security, facility, cleaning, reception, telephone operators, garages, postal collection and delivery, etc.); Race track, concerts, and events management.
Forecast Communications Inc. Website production, broadband transmission, and mobile phone content transmission.
NTV IT Produce Corporation Specialized IT company for broadcasting; System support and development for NTV Group’s IT infrastructure.
NitteleSeven Co., Ltd. Management of shopping portal sites that utilize TV program information to match retail businesses with shoppers; Planning and development of original merchandise, etc.
TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. Planning and production of animation; copyright management.
HJ Holdings, Inc. Internet content streaming business.
ACM CO., Ltd. Operation of ANPANMAN Children’s Museums.
Eiho Produce Corporation Development, operation, and service provision of Broadcast Total Management System for broadcasters; integration service for Broadcast Total Management System.
SkillUp Video Technologies Corporation Development, sales, and implementation of software for online video streaming platforms.
NTV America Company U.S. subsidiary and holding company of NTV International Corporation.
NTV International Corporation Based in New York. News gathering, reporting, and production of information, sports programs, etc.; Gathering and analysis of international media news.
Nippon Television Network Europe B.V. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Planning of TV programs and art exhibits. Gathering and analysis of international media news.
NTV Asia Pacific Based in Singapore. Formulate and execute new businesses focused on the Southeast Asian region; provide support for the GEM channel.
MADHOUSE Inc. Planning and production of animations; Copyright management, etc.
MADBOX Co., Ltd. Planning, production, and distribution of animation, commercial films, graphic designs, illustrations, and characters; Planning, development, and production of 3D computer graphics.
NTV Personnel Center Corp. Human resources center that provides services to program and technology production, clerical, and management duties.
LogicLogic, inc. Online streaming management of VOD, live streaming, and other videos. System development and solutions for video players, AVOD, etc.
HAROiD Inc. Planning and development of TV program-linked and advertisement-linked social interactive projects that optimize the usage of smart TVs and smart devices.
NTV Life Marketing, Inc. e-Commerce business, product sales events, etc.
AX Entertainment, Inc. eSports-related businesses.
NTV Group Planning Inc. Management and operations of regional production companies.
Rights Inn Corporation Music copyrights, merchandising rights, and sales of animation programs, etc.
VAP Music Publishing Inc. Master rights management and sales, advertising agency operations, etc.
SOUND INN STUDIOS INC. Operation and rental of music recording studios.
J.M.P CO., LTD Talent production agency, program production, events planning and production.
F-IN Inc. Production staff for news shows and infotainment programs.
SANEIWORK CORPORATION Building maintenance, cleaning, and medical concierge.
IKAROS CO., LTD. Contractual production of programs for broadcasters in the Kanto area, ENG camera filming, editing, and post production.
RF Radio Nippon Co., Ltd. NTV medium-frequency radio broadcasting.
RF Music Publisher Inc. Obtain music copyrights.
ForGroove, Inc. Planning, production, and distribution of social games and other content.
NIKKATSU CORPORATION Planning, production, and distribution of films. Planning, production, sales, and lease of video software. Consignment broadcasting via communications satellite.
All About, Inc. Comprehensive online lifestyle guide with advice from specialists and experts in their respective genres.
All About Navi, Inc. Operation of social media business “Facebook navi” and distributed media business “citrus”. Online advertising business.
CNplus Production, Inc. Production and sales of television programs targeting Taiwan, mainland China, and Southeast Asia.
GEM Media Networks Asia Pte. Ltd. Management and operation of the Asian pay-TV channel “GEM” (programming, promotion, transmission, TV channel sales, etc.)
Shiodome Urban Energy Corporation Power supply to the Shiodome area.
Nishi Nihon Eizo Corporation TV production, shooting, engineering, and master control in the Fukuoka area.
KKT Innovate Corporation TV production, shooting, engineering, and master control in the Kumamoto area.
Nagasaki Vision Corp. TV production, shooting, engineering, and master control in the Nagasaki area.
Kagoshima Vision Corporation TV production, shooting, engineering, and master control in the Kagoshima area.
Kanazawa Eizo Center Corporation TV production, shooting, engineering, and master control in the Ishikawa area.
Promedia Co., Ltd. TV program planning and production in the Niigata area; Corporate video production.
Cosmo Space Co., Ltd. Planning and production of TV programs and events; Reporting and live transmissions.
Yomiuri NTV Culture Center  
Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra Management of the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra’s (YNSO) performances. The YNSO has been one of the most popular orchestras in Japan since its establishment in 1962.
Nippon Television Kobato Cultural Foundation Supporting the welfare of the vision and hearing impaired through sign language, Braille, and other services. Providing various lectures, exhibitions, courses, and support relating to culture and the arts.
The Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation Planning, management, and operation of GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA’s exhibits; Research and study of animation culture, etc.