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Site Policy

This web page ( is operated by Nippon Television Holdings, Inc. (“the company”). Please refer to our terms and conditions, outlined below, and be forewarned that the contents of this provision may be updated without prior notice at the company’s sole discretion.


The company pays close attention to the quality of information provided on this website; however, the company makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, usefulness, and security of the contents posted. Although up to date at the time of posting, the information provided on this website may become outdated, hence no longer accurately reflecting the current situation, as time progresses.

Please use this website at your own risk, as the company will not assume any responsibility.

The financial outlook and forward-looking statements provided on this website are based on information that was available and deemed appropriate at the time of posting. Actual results, however, may differ due to various unforeseen risks, inaccuracies, and uncertainties.

The contents of this website, such as its configuration and the data provided, may be changed, modified, or discontinued at any time without prior notice.

Legal Disclaimers

Unless otherwise stated, usage of this site, as well as management and implementation of its terms and conditions, shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Copyright Policy

All contents provided on this website are protected by copyrights owned either by the company, their original authors, and/or other third parties. Except when permitted by the Copyright Act or for personal use, the company strictly prohibits the use (including reproduction, modification, and distribution) of the contents without its prior approval.

Handling of Personal Information

The company adheres to the "Nippon Television Personal Information Protection Policy" in all matters related to the handling and management of personal information.

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