January 2012

NTV President Delivers New Year’s Greeting


As we begin this New Year, I would like to first extend my gratitude to those who watch NTV programs, attend our events and watch our movies. Last year, NTV won the 2011 “triple crown title” for the annual viewer ratings. On behalf of the company, I would like to express my appreciation for your unwavering support which led us to achieve this honor.

Last year, Japan experienced an unprecedented series of disasters that took the lives of many people. The accident that followed at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant forced us to face adversities that none of us had ever before experienced. However, the victims of the disaster areas, along with the entire nation of Japan, have come together with strong determination to walk down the road of recovery. NTV, as a news outlet, is committed to its role in the rebuilding process, while staying mindful of the gravity of the situation and significance of reporting. We will strive to further conduct our broadcasting and news-gathering with accuracy and fairness.

In July 2011, NTV completed its transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting, taking a crucial step into a new generation. Dynamic visual and audio clarity, which are features of digital broadcasting, along with detailed datacasting and interactive communications are merits of digital terrestrial broadcasting, which we have diligently incorporated into our program production process. Furthermore, in conjunction with the Internet and the use of smartphones, we are able to provide a new, entertaining way of offering more information on an immediate basis through television while aiming to attain programming that connects with the viewers. This year we will deliver a myriad of contents including sports programs such as the Summer Olympics in London and professional baseball, intriguing dramas, easy-to-understand, useful information programs to invigorate your lifestyle, fun variety programs to enjoy with your family, powerful movies, worthwhile exhibitions and much more.

NTV will mark its 60th anniversary in 2013. In order to continue to be a company that contributes to society and to remain an indispensable television network, NTV will mark its 60th milestone year as a new departure point to propel itself into the new era of television, and we will work to unify our efforts to become a network that is further trusted and loved by all.

Representative Director and President, Mr. Yoshio Okubo