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New Year's Message from the President

 I wish you all a Happy New Year.
 In 2019, for the sixth consecutive year, Nippon TV captured the annual viewer ratings Triple Crown title by topping the charts in the All Day, Golden Time, and Prime Time categories. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our many supporters.

 The past year marked the beginning of the new Reiwa era in Japan, and we must not forget there were great damages resulting from natural disasters in 2019.
 Japan was able to make a thrilling performance in the first Rugby World Cup held in our country where Nippon TV was the Host Broadcaster, and moreover, with the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, there are great expectations for the role that television will have in its success.

 We at Nippon TV realize the significance of our public responsibilities. It is our conviction that the Japanese citizenry deserves no less than fact-based, accurate, and fair information that protects their lives and assets. We will work tirelessly to fulfill our responsibilities as a media organization to earn the continued support of our sponsors and the trust of the people.

 Nippon TV Holdings and all the companies in the group will also strive to win the support of the people and our clients as we continue to set solid missions and bravely take on changes and challenges to ensure that we contribute to the creation and advancement of Japan's wonderful culture.


Yoshinobu Kosugi
Representative Director, President
Nippon Television Holdings, Inc.

Representative Director, President and Executive Operating Officer
Nippon Television Network Corporation